The Army Explorers wear the Army ACU UCP uniform as the Class A and Class B uniform. The NCO and Officer Class A includes a red beret instead of patrol cap.

We buy most of our uniforms at Miller’s Surplus. Let them know you are in the Army Exploring program – they are very helpful. 


On the left, you will see an Air Force uniform pattern. Don’t buy that one.

This is the patrol cap. New or used depending on your preference. Used can be found for $2 – $3. New goes for about $12.

It must have the velcro strip on the back.


Tan t-shirts are usually $0.99 – $4.99 each. Your cadet needs two of them. If your cadet is in the club, they may substitute a grey t-shirt. If you are in the post, you must wear tan.


Cadets must wear a web belt. These are generally $8 or less. Tan, green, or black is acceptable.


Cadets must wear green or black socks. They need 3 pair.


800 Name Tapes can take care of your embroidery needs for the Army Explorers. 

You need to order the following items:

  • Reverse Full-color flag with velcro backing
  • 2 Name tapes (we recommend getting a couple extras, optional) in ACU
  • 1 Explorer (wouldn’t hurt to have a spare too, optional) in ACU

You don’t need to buy any rank unless your cadet loses theirs. 

Surplus boots can be found for less than $30 at Miller’s. New boots can be found for less than $50. Miller’s sometimes has a challenge with smaller sizes. Big 5 has a suitable boot of this style. It may have a zipper on the side and still be acceptable. It must be the combat boot style though. Lower hiking boot styles are not acceptable.


Your cadet needs two canteens and two canteen pouches. They do not have to be ACU. They can be BDU, green, tan, black or brown


Here are other things your cadet will need and the approximate month they will need it.
Boonie cap. Optional for September. Needed by February.
50L – 65L backpack (the one pictured is too small). Optional for September. Needed for January (good Christmas present). Explorers can get them cheaper than you can buy them. Ask an advisor if you want to order one – it takes about a month to receive.
Poncho. Best $20 (at Miller’s) you’ll ever spend. Can be any army color or pattern.